WOW Ernie Fire Engine


Ernie Fire Engine

Ernie Fire Engine by WOW Toys rushes through the streets in a blaze with Kurt the Firefighter in the driver’s seat, heading to put out a fire or to get a cat out of a tree, whatever; the emergency, Ernie Fire Engine is on the job.

Ernie Fire Engine playset comes complete with Ernie Fire Engine, Kurt the Firefighter and one safety barrier. Ernie has a flip open cab allowing the firefighter to move in and out of the driver’s seat, a rotating ladder, and a magnetic back door that opens and closes. Ernie makes real engine sounds as he travels down the road by using friction, not batteries to power him along. The firefighter is the key to opening the back door and turning the clicking ladder. This playset will inspire your child’s imagination and help develop motor skills. Suitable for children one and a half to five years of age. There are no small parts and the firefighter and barrier are dishwasher safe. None of the pieces have toxic paint and are PVC and BPA free.

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