Skip Hop Follow Bee Crawl Toy


Skip Hop Follow Bee Crawl Toy

As a parent, you want the best for your baby. Babies should be given the tools to explore and be adventurous, all while developing important motor skills. With the Follow Bee Crawl Toy by Skip Hop’s Explore & More, they’ll do just that. There are three stages of play with the Bee Crawl Toy, and the design allows the toy to grow alongside your child. Babies will be encouraged to crawl, interact and play with the Bee Crawl Toy, all while interacting with the wonderful combination of lights, playful music and motorized movements to take your baby from pre-crawling all the way to advanced.

For ages 5 and up, the three interactive stages:

First stage:

  • Simple to use, fanciful bee rattle.
  • The bee wobbles are designed to stay upright.
  • Designed with rubber detailing for all teething needs

STAGE 2: Beginning Crawling

  • Bee is removable for spinning cloud
  • Circular pattern cloud when bee gets placed back
  • Eye catching lights and music for reward
  • Remains close for short distance crawling

STAGE 3: Advanced Crawling

  • Cloud spins similar to stage two
  • Random pattern when bee is placed back
  • Friendly encouragement for baby to follow (music and lights)
  • Sensor built into toy for obstacle avoidance

The Bee Crawl toy is designed to encourage cognitive development in your baby, covering everything from looking and listening, to reaching and crawling. Motor skills will be enhanced and muscles strengthened by the reaching aspects of playing with the Bee Crawl toy.

The exciting lights, friendly music and playful sounds will help your baby with sensory development along the way. The Bee Crawl toy will help your baby learn and grow, and you will be more than happy with the results.

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