Saranoni Lush Baby Recieving Blanket



Saranoni Lush/Lush Recieving Blanket with Satin Border

Do you want your baby to have their very own blanket wherever they go? With the Saranoni Lush/Lush Blanket with Satin Border you are assured that baby is both warm and stylish. This particular blanket offers double the material of lush which is luxurious and comfortable for all skin types.  

The material used to make this blanket is so soft that it won’t irritate your baby’s skin. In fact, this blanket is so comfortable and popular that it comes in adult sizes as well. From the moment you touch this blanket, you will begin to feel luxury, comfort, and warmth.

Because of the high quality in this material, you can only hang dry this blanket. This will keep the blanket soft for many years to come. When washing, be sure to only wash in cold water. 

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