Fisher-Price Bubble Mower


Fisher Price Bubble Mower Facts

Ready to mow the lawn? Your little one will be with this cute bubble mower that makes it a whole lot more fun to walk back and forth across the yard. The bright colors make it look cool but the realistic design is the best part and all you have to do is attach a bottle of bubbles to get it going. If you’re looking to get your kid walking more, this is the way to do it because they’re learning even as they play.

Designed for children 2 – 5, the bubbles fly right out and the ‘blade’ even spins around. Not only that but you get some realistic sounds and you can use it anywhere. Use it right on the grass to seem like you’re really mowing the lawn or on the sidewalk just for fun. Your baby is going to have a whole lot of fun being grown up with this one.

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