Fat Brain Toy Crankity Brainteaser Puzzle


Time to crank your brain!

The object of the Fat Brain Toy Crankity Brainteaser Puzzle is to simply build a way for the yellow wheel and the red gear to meet. Upon the interlocking of the gear’s teeth you can turn the wheel and set it in motion to spin for as long as possible.

With four different difficult levels to choose from, these puzzles are ideal for every member of the family. All you have to do is take the card and slip it underneath the clear grid. Once you’ve done that it’s as simple as setting the wheel and gear into place.

Depending on the puzzle you choose you’ll have a selection of gear sizes and colors. At the bottom of each card you will see the numbers of the pieces you’ll need to assemble the puzzle. It is necessary to pull them out and use each piece.

Now all you have to do is put your brain to work in order to solve the puzzle. When you feel you have solved it, turn the yellow wheel. If you successfully put it together, the contraption will immediately begin spinning. You will know you were successful when along with the other gears, the red one spins too. If you weren’t successful you can always go back to the drawing board and try again.

The Crankity Brainteaser:

  • helps develop concentration and critical thinking skills
  • contains more than one solution to put together each of the four puzzles
  • requires you to use every single piece that is printed on the card for the puzzle you chose
  • has four levels of play; easy, medium, hard, extra hard
  • includes a storage bag for the tray and 15 gears, as well as 40 different puzzles
  • is the perfect puzzle to take when you travel
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