Brand 44 Slackers Ninja Climbing Ladder


B4 Adventure Slackers Ninja Climbing Ladder

The 44 Slackers Ninja Climbing Ladder is the ultimate obstacle course. The Ninjaline hangs which helps a person build strength, improve balance, and execute coordination like a true professional. Transitioning onto the line is easy while skills are being developed.

The rope ladder is 8’ high and is made of polyethylene rope which is built to last. Its loop attachment can be put around a tree branch or hung from a swing set or the Ninjaline within seconds. No hardware is necessary to use it but there is a 250-pound weight limit on it.

The ladder has sturdy rungs that support the weight of the climber as they ascend up the product with their hands and feet. It is compatible with several different Ninjalines. The ladder works with the 36’ Intro, the 36’ Pro, and the 56’ Ninjaline.

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